Thursday, 28 March 2013

Long time no update, and equally no progress for a while. My boundary fence with the local supermarket came down (their fence) leaving my garage exposed to everyone parking in their car park so I've not been able to do much as the front end stuff involved having the garage doors open showing everyone what was there. However the fence has now been fixed and we're back in business. I've ordered & received a rally pedal-box with remote adjustable brake bias from front to rear, and also my white line front anti roll bars. The rear is adjustable, the front is just a much thicker version of what was there originally. I've managed to get the front end put together and the steering rack temporarily on (I'll need to take parts of it off to clean them up / get new track rod ends etc) but for the moment (and the first time since I've owned the shell) it's got 4 wheels on it! Also made a start on modifying the dolly's that came with the black shell so they can be put onto the white shell so it can be moved onto the grass and out of the way (fitting much bigger casters onto it) so I've ground the old ones off and will be fitting new ones when my welder arrives in the next few days. Anyway.. some photos:

Firstly the pedal box:

And now the front suspension fitted!

And now the dolly modifications:

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