Thursday, 28 March 2013

Also another quick update to say I recently bought myself a Tamiya 1:10 RC chassis, and have bought this for it.. which I'm going to copy using a home made vacuum former and plaster of paris to take a buck of the original shell, into the wide arch one that I'm building on this blog. That way I'll have a 1:10 scale version of the car to mess around with when I can't get the real one out to play!


  1. Where did you find this?

    The closest I got was a modern scoop-of-poo rally shell that with a bit of fettling looked Pulsar(ish) - the 4x4 Vatterra RC one.

  2. Erm hunted around the net for absolutely ages for it. I've still not actually got around to doing anything with it, I'm planning on making it up into a replica of what I'm going to do with the actual car. If I remember correctly its a Pandora RC shell, product code is PAB-012. It wasn't cheap to get it though, think it was around £60 or so after I got it shipped from hong kong.


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