Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Well, not updated for a while as I've been struggling for stuff to do while waiting for the last of the bushes for my suspension. Also had a 10 day wait for the hubcentric spacers from H&R, and realised when they arrived that I'm an idiot and had already bought +15mm each side for the fronts. So looks like I'll be rolling on +15mm all round.. Doh!

Hopefully the last of the bushes should turn up before the end of the week, we've had some issues with the postal service round our area recently with things going missing (had a £70 external HDD disappear from Amazon... as well as one of my mum's Christmas presents.. I'm suspicious anyway). So once that gets here I'll be able to fit it and start getting the suspension on. I've not done it yet as it'll involve putting the car in the middle of the (double) garage so I've got room to work on both sides as its up against one wall at the moment. This means the whole garage will be taken up by the car which I'll get moaned at for, so leaving it till I've got everything and can get it easily done in a couple of nights after work.

The plan after the suspension is all on is to get the parts ordered for the braking system, some wilwood 4 piston handbrake calipers for the rear, a pedal box, master cylinders, copper piping, hydraulic handbrake etc and get all of that put on, still undecided if I'm keeping the Porsche brakes or swapping them for a set of new wilwoods yet, but we'll see once its all on.

And also worth noting if you ever get powercoating done and plan on fitting hubcentric spacers, don't be an idiot like me and get the center parts of the hubs done that the spacer slips over.. as it won't go and you'll have to spend some time with a dremel crying softly to yourself as your sand off the powdercoating you've just paid to have done lol

I've also been asked about the "dry sump" system I'm planning on making for the car, it's not really a true dry sump system, but the oil won't be stored in the bottom of the engine any-more and will be fed through to the engine differently than normal, but hopefully it shouldn't involve too much faffing about and if I do kill the engine at some point the system should just bolt straight onto an identical SR20DET block easily enough.

Looking at the standard system its a relatively uncomplicated system, so it should be easy enough to modify:

So, what I'm going to need will be a spare sump (Just the pan I think.. though you could go the whole hog and change the whole sump bottom) from an SR20DET that I can modify, and a spare oil pickup pipe:

Now.. what I'm planning on doing is getting an external oil tank, and mounting it inside the passenger foot well above their feet so that its higher up than the engine's standard pick-up point. This means the oil in the tank will attempt to level out and there will always be liquid in the pick-up pipe. The pick-up will run from the bottom of the oil tank to the sump, through there and up to a modified standard pick-up that has the pipe attached to it

That's the oil getting from the tank into the engine, now I need to pick up the oil from the sump itself and put it back into the tank, which will involve creating some form of funnelling system down to a pick-up point where a scavenger pump will suck any oil it can get hold of through an oil filter then into the tank ready to be re-used by the engine.

We're still using the standard SR20 oil pump itself to push the oil around the engine and to the essential parts, what I'm attempting to fix with this solution is the pick-up not being able to get any oil to it, however with a few litre tank feeding it I can be pretty safe knowing there's enough to go around.

I'd also like to point out I'm in no way a professional engineer.. so there might be something hideously wrong with my plan that will come to light in a cloud of smoke and parts, but I'm 99% confident that won't happen.

I'm also toying with the idea of using an accusump system as a backup in case the pressure fails at any point (or to pre-oil the engine before start up).

There will also be an oil cooler somewhere in that setup and no doubt hooked through to one of the rear radiator intakes.

Oh I think I've finally decided on the vinyl scheme for the car when I get it wrapped, essentially the car will be a Matte Grey finish (No not primer coloured!!) then I'll have gloss black version of the original NME design with a thin bright green pinstripe around the edges. Green wrapped spoiler, and probably green mudflaps, roof vent and wing mirrors too.

I've done a terrible mock up in photoshop.. I won'd be having those huge spot lights mind you.. and the car will be fitted with a Turini Wide Arch Kit:

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