Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Well I've managed to get a bit more done even if some nuts keep chewing up threads on parts they really shouldn't.. but I suppose that's the problems you get with 20 year old car parts!

I've been cleaning the old suspension bolts up with some white vinegar, leave them for about 24 hours to loosen everything up, then wire brush the debris off, again for some more time then wash clean and you can use baking soda to neutralize the acid in the vinegar. Then dry and they should be good as new.

Also stripped the old vinyl wrap off the fibreglass rear hatch and placed it on the car with the lexan rear windows to see how it'll look. Just need to get some hinges and locking catches now to put it on properly.

Also after some rubber mallet persuasion I've managed to get the rear subframe on the car, and 2/4 nuts holding it place.

Then I decided to see what the suspension would look like on it, so I've bolted the coil-over in place

And then placed the arms & hub in (no bolts yet as they're being cleaned by the vinegar!) and seen how it all looks.. and it's starting to look pretty good.

And finally just about finished the pulsar design mock up in photoshop, added in the Compomotive TH 1780 Wheels, removed the huge spotlights and then sorted out some shadows I'd inverted and shouldn't have.


  1. That'll be one sic Pulsar - I've got a similar project and attitude towards design - not as easy as it looks mocking up from a 2D source - Good Job!

  2. Thanks Tom, appreciate it. I'm taking my time getting there but once it's done then it should be something quite special.


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