Friday, 7 December 2012

Also another quick note before I forget, I've been talking to James about what to do with the pedal box setup and we've decided that in order to accommodate different sized drivers I'm going to have the front seats fixed in place but the pedal box will be on a rail system, similar to how the seats are currently. Then when a different sized driver gets in they just adjust the pedals to the correct distance away from them.

This means I'll be able to get some copper pipe and fixings ordered to run the brake lines around the shell and as long as the master cylinder ends appear roughly in the right place I can then mount the fixings to them and have braided hoses from them to the master cylinders on the pedal box which will allow them to move freely back and forwards. I believe this is a relatively standard thing on race cars that are shared, but something I hadn't considered until recently. I guess its the little details that make a build special?

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