Friday, 7 December 2012

Well although I've actually been getting on with some parts that arrived I have been consistently useless with updating this website which is poor show on my part.

Since my last update I managed to attempt to fit the ball joints using a hydraulic press, and if anyone is reading this and thinking of doing the same after just paying out for powder coating, then stop right there and don't do it! I managed to let the whole wishbone slip out of place because of the awkward shape of it and it badly damaged the powder coating when it did. So I've had to send that back to the powder coaters to get fixed, and it should be ready to collect today. I've since found out there is a proper tool you can get for the pressed in ball joints which is like a C-Clamp with some various sized piping for it this allows for the ball joint to be slowly pressed into place by the clamp as it compresses.

I've also bought (and recieved) my fibreglass boot and rear plastic windows (second hand off a forum member), I've also ordered a heated windscreen so the car should pass IVA without me needing to come up with some crazy heating system in the car (as I'm not having a proper heater matrix).

The poly bushes arrived and have been fitted, I'm just waiting on the bushes for the rear part of the front wishbones to come which should be early next week.

I've also got a sheet of metal to start patching the holes up in the engine bay and start work on the smoothing to make it look presentable for when I do the wire tuck, I'll need to borrow a welder off my Uncle however as mine doesn't seem to want to push the wire out for more than 5 seconds at a time, which makes attempting smooth welds quite tricky.

And finally I've ordered a set of +15mm (per side) rear spacers with wheel studs from H&R, their Trak+ system which having previously bought the +10mm (per side) kit for the front's I'd highly recommend if you're looking for some hubcentric spacers that come with everything you need to fit them. The reason for the staggered setup is I've been told (by others that have tried & tested the setup) that it help massively with the car's understeer issue by spacing the rear out slightly wider than the front. Plus it should make it look better when I get the wide arches fitted on the back of the shell.

With any luck before Christmas I should have a rolling shell finally, which is something to celebrate I think :)

Now for some photos of the work that's been done and the new parts, first up are photos of the hubs now they've been assembled with the brand new bearings in them and a quick photo of the rear subframe and rear trailing arms with their poly bushes in place. Then a couple of quick pictures of the fibreglass boots and plastic rear windows.

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