Friday, 25 May 2012

Repairing the current shell isn't really an option, It's more the thought of how bad its got now, and do I want to bond my fibreglass rear arches to a shell that's not fantastic and put all my effort into this, or do I just bite the bullet and get a decent shell to make it properly mint. I think it's gonna end up getting re-shelled, at least that way I can get it done properly when it all goes onto the new shell.

- Strip, Powdercoat and poly bush all subframes / arms etc.
- Extend and hide the wiring loom in the engine bay and throughout the car (as it's stripped out)
- Clean up all of the things that don't need to be in the engine bay (Fuse boxes etc)
- Remove the brake booster, master cylinder, clutch cylinder etc and go with a pedal box setup instead
- Could even look at a race fuel cell for it.. not sure why, but when in rome..

Basically can turn it into something crazy and awesome, but having this project to do and running an r34 at the same time (that I keep trying to save up to get my GTR kit fitted & resprayed bayside blue) is erm.... an interesting stretch of my pay packet to say the least. Still, at least I've got something to show for it I suppose

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