Saturday, 16 June 2012

Well, Its finally arrived!! My MSA Spec'd Rally-prepped shell has arrived. Now the real work begins, plans are:
  1. Make this shell rolling by swapping over the suspension from the White Car
  2. Powder coat & Poly bush the suspension arms before swapping over.
  3. Weld up holes in the engine bay, and panels in to create a smooth look, most items in the engine bay will be moved into the wings or inside the cabin
  4. Create a complete custom wiring loom for the car, which will hopefully run off a megasquirt ECU
  5. Get the wide arches fitted to this shell, get the engine bay and shell exterior sprayed in Nissan Super White (Paint Code: 531).
  6. Get new doors from a sunny that have manual window mechanisms in them, and aren't covered in rust
  7. Get a GRP boot for the car
  8. Get some new Pulsar GTi-R side-skirts so they can be cut more neatly this time, I'll also need a new rear bumper
  9. Get plastic windows all round (apart from windscreen obviously!)
  10. Get some coilvers that can be adjusted nicely for different track setups
  11. Fit a pedal box, with independent remote mounted reservoirs for front / rear brakes, and a independent clutch reservoir too.
  12. Create the custom brake lines from the cylinders to each corner
  13. Mount the bride seats in the car, but further back
  14. Extend the steering wheel further back by fitting a snap off boss kit and extension on it
  15. Mount the battery, and washer bottle behind both driver and passenger (I'll need a new smaller battery box and a different washer bottle too)
  16. Get the rest of the bodywork sprayed up (boot, rear bumper, doors, side skirts
  17. And essentially lots, lots more as you can guess!

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