Thursday, 24 May 2012

Having taken the widearches back off to make some brackets up I paid attention to the sills where the sideskirts were.. and noticed some thing quite worrying.

Now, I'd always put the slightly uneven floor pan down to the previous owner being an idiot and jacking it up in the wrong place, but that combined with the front end crash damage (and bad repair job), shoddy overspray respray job.. and this large dent in what I thought would be a quite structurally sound part of the car I'm quite nervous about putting any more time into this shell.

Thinking about reshelling the whole thing and making sure that this time everything that's put on is the best it can be (powercoat everything, poly bushes all round.. new suspension, brakes setup properly, engine bay wire tuck.. the works)

Heres some photos of the 'damage' and general rust around the car.. give me an honest opinion:

This is the one with the dent in it.. can just about see it under the hole for the sideskirt clip

A better view of the dent

Two photos of the dent in the roof complete with rust, where the door was jimmied open
Top of the suspension strut inside the car

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