Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Next job will be taking off the porsche brakes, stripping them down, and rebuilding with the brembo rebuild kit I've got (with porsche price tag!).

Then swapping the master cylinder and putting the standard front discs & calipers on to see if that solves the braking problems.. If not then I'll put the other (current) MC back on, try that.. If no dice, drop the engine, rip all the brake lines out and re-do them all (probably remove ABS at the same time).

Errm while I'm doing that, finish the brackets to hold the front bumper in place off the arches so there's no stress on them.

Annnd weld up the subframes for the bride seats.

Then find/buy/fit an oil filter relocation kit, swap oil... and attempt to start the car fir the first time in about 6 months.

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