Thursday, 8 November 2012

Quick update as I've not had time to update properly recently! New ball joints arrived, with any luck the poly bushes will be here in the next week or so too. Which is handy as I've sent the hubs and sub frame off to be powder coated yesterday. Got some new front lower arms coming too as I managed to bugger mine up, so those will be getting powder coated too.

Got the week of the 19th off to get the suspension on the shell and start welding the engine bay up, also need to make brackets for the seats that week as well. Should be good to make some progress on it for once.

In other news I'm debating selling my r34 skyline to fund the project so it gets done sooner and buying something cheaper to run, specifically a Honda dc2 integra, shall see how in feel in a week about it before making a decision.

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