Thursday, 25 October 2012

Woo! New toys have arrived, which is surprising as the postal service around my area are just shocking at the moment. Have lost count of the amount of parcels that haven't made it to me after they've been dispatched from sellers. Still.. that's not important right now, what is.. is that I've finally got some things I can almost put on the car! Just waiting on a few more poly bushes turning up then I can finally get the rest of the suspension bushes pressed out and the arms & hubs powder coated ready to put onto the black shell. Hopefully I'll get that done ready to fit in the week I've booked off work next month.

Parts that have arrived are:

  • 4 x Wheel Bearing Kits (Part Number FBK585 [non-original, but blueprint copies]) - Bargain at £35 each!
  • Rear Subframe poly bushes
  • Rear powder coated Suspension Arms
  • Powder coated engine mounts
  • Other assorted powder coated parts

Now.. for some photos!

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