Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Finally got around to booking some time off work, even though I'm crazily busy there at the moment I need to use up holiday else I'll lose them. So I've got this week off, and another 7 days to use up before the end of the year, so that'll be pulsar time.. or if I manage to sell my GTR bodykit I might take the time to spend converting my r34 from auto to manual.

Anyway.. Pulsar things.. I've been taking off the suspension on the white shell so that I can get it shot blasted, etched then powder coated. Then hopefully my poly bushes should arrive in the next week or so and I can get them all put on and make the black shell a roller! I'm not going to put any of the braking system onto the black shell yet as I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing about the rear brakes, I might keep the standard carriers, uprate the rear brake discs to some 300/310mm discs and use some better single / twin piston calipers on there. Also I've yet to run brake lines on the shell yet.. so that'll need doing too at some point.

Taking the suspension off the white shell is going fairly well (touch wood!) Found out that the fronts are "New SR Special" dampeners, and the rears are in fact very rusty (But still functional) Tein Type HR Coilovers, why there isn't a matching set I'm not sure.. My guess is that when the car was in its accident before I owned it, then the coil on that corner got damaged and the previous owner just swapped the front struts for these as a cheap fix to sell it to some poor asshole (me!). I'm thinking of putting a set of BC Racing Coilovers on the car, as you can get a set brand new for under £700 and they're fully rebuild-able should there be a problem down the line, plus the adjust-ability looks pretty good on them, so they'll be the ones I'm aiming to get (probably next month I think), unless something spectacular comes up bargain wise.

In the mean time I'll be getting the suspension arms taken off, bushes taken out, and working out what new parts I need to get, so far:
  • Wheel Bearings Kits x4
  • Front Lower arm transverse link (Ball Joint)
  • Drive-shaft gaiters
  • Stabilizer bar connecting arms (they're look worn.. might as well replace while they're off)
Anyway, here are some progress photos:

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