Friday, 10 August 2012

Well, I've ordered the poly bushes for the suspension and a couple of pre-powder coated suspension arms. I'm thinking it's a good idea to get hold of a complete second set of suspension arms, subframe, hubs and temporary wheels to move the black shell about while I keep the white one mobile. I'll also need to start working out where to get hold of a fibreglass boot and maybe a set of fibreglass doors (Can't decide If I want to go that extreme yet or not). Then I guess the next thing will be saving up for the shell respray and arch fitting.

I've managed to crack on with the inlet plenum anyway and am mostly there, have put it together to see how it will all look. I think I might just get the fuel rail chromed up and the inlet top aswell, as the sanding down and polishing is revealing some bad inconsistencies in the material rather than leaving me with a nice smooth metal finish that I'm after to metal polish back up to a shine, so that's a bit frustrating. I've also decided to paint the throttle body part black to really make the fuel rail and inlet top pop when looking at the engine.

Eventually the rocker cover will be white (or maybe green... haven't decided on that yet!) with "NISSAN TWINCAM 16V" embossed on top of it. As its too much of a pain in the ass to fit a sunny gti, or primera GT cover to it then I'll be modifying the standard pulsar gtir one. The issue with the other rocker covers (incase anyone else tries it) are the rails on top of the cam shafts that squirt oil onto them, they foul on the baffles of the other covers, and while grinding them out was my first thought, I realised that they're probably there for a reason and that the standard pulsar one is probably a good idea to keep as it is!

Here are some photos anyway:

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