Sunday, 15 July 2012

Well, got the last bit of cleaning / painting done on the block now. Have given up after taking the sump out and removing the snapped threaded sump plug that I broke when lowering the engine. Sump looks a little dinted from where it dropped but is mainly OK. Main thing is that the oil pick-up itself is OK. Job for next week is cleaning and painting the gearbox and transfer box. Also trying to work out if I can fit the oil filter housing and alternator from the SR16DE/VE if I end up removing the hydraulic power steering pump and going with an all electric system. Should look a lot cleaner as the alternator is mounted on the back of the engine, just the question is whether the alternator will foul on the transfer box or not. I guess time will tell.

Photos of cleaned / painted stuff..

And some before shots of the underside of the gearbox / transfer box:

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