Thursday, 5 July 2012

I would put some photos up of the recent work stripping the white car out, and polishing the inlet plenum and fuel rail, but honestly I'm too lazy to load my pc up and download the photos off my camera.

In other news I've been contemplating a solution to the radiator, intercooler space / pipework issues that will exist on the new shell and think that the simplest solution will be mounting the radiator in the boot area, and ducting the air out where the standard fuel tank was. It'd take air in from the rear quarter windows and would have to be fire walled off with the fuel cell and swirl pot.

As far as technical engineering goes this is way beyond my remit, but should be good for a laugh. I shall mock some ideas up on the old shell before cutting the beautiful new one up.

Also toying with brake air ducts mounted on the rear of the hubs for at the least the front brakes... Fun times, if only I had the cash and time to do it all!

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