Friday, 11 May 2012

Well, after demon tweeks taking their damn sweet time to send out my order everything arrived.. and I've fitted it all.

One issue however.. The garage door is knackered and I need to get new wires fitted to it and tensioned up properly before I can get the car out to start it up!

I'm going to take a trip to porsche tomorrow morning to find out how much they want to try to charge me for a rebuild kit for the calipers as well as new banjo bolts etc. Figured if I'm gonna have to take them off anyway that I might as-well make sure they're spot on. I'll probably get the part numbers off them then ebay for the parts anyway

So.. pics of fitted parts:

I may need to get a better flange made up at some-point, but for the purposes of running the engine in and getting the car back on the road, this should do.

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