Thursday, 26 April 2012

Having a complete 'mare trying to get the right size silicone hosing to connect the two parts.. Think I need:
  • 38mm -> 51mm 90 degree reducer
  • 51mm x 500mm alloy pipe with flared ends
  • 51mm -> 76mm 90 degree reducer
Then mikalor clamps for it all, which as the sidewalls on the hosing is 5mm thick, i'll have to add 10mm total to each size:
  • 1x 48mm clamp
  • 2x 61mm clamp
  • 1x 86mm clamp
All of which comes to around £54 is before shipping ? Its gonna have to wait till Monday when I get paid, but think that's pretty much what I'm going to order.. just hope the bloody lot fits when I get it all

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