Sunday, 16 May 2010

It's not looking good folks. Brakes have been properly bled, but the car still seems to slow down veeeerrry slowly when applying the brakes driving up and down the drive. Not sure if its just that they need bedding in (Ferodo DS2500 Pads on hispec discs which have some surface corrosion from being stood for ages), or whether I've got a seized piston in one of the calipers.. or worse something has fucked up with the braking system in general.

Also there's a horrible ratting noise coming from the top end of the engine, not sure what that is yet, it was fine before I took it off the road 10 months ago, could just be the oil pressure sensors rattling on the inlet plenium thinking about it now..

And there's smoke smoke coming off the turbo when its sat there idling, think its just an oil pipe not quite tight enough, or old copper washer being re-used.

So all in all, not looking great for JTS next weekend

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