Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thanks to a member on here I've got myself a full set of front & rear Turini wide arches, they've never even been fitted to a car so I'm very tempted to get a set of moulds made up in case I end up having and accident at some point in the car. Car is currently away getting the rollcage welded in place, though the front mount lower mounting bar I made got damaged putting it on the low-loader so I've got to get that sorted out. Also most of the silicone hosing was slightly too small, didn't account for the stupid lipped edges on the pipes etc, so I'll have to flog them on ebay Which also means the relevant mikalor clamps won't fit either.. so massive waste of around £300 for the hoses & clamps

I've got hub-centric spacers for the front to fit now, as well as the new rear discs & pads when the car comes back (Hopefully this weekend with any luck).

So I'll get some photos up of the arches and progress when fitting the spacers / brakes and also the welded in cage asap

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