Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just had an excellent phone call, my car now has the roll cage welded in (It's only taken 4 weeks instead of 1!!!) and I should with any luck be getting the car trailered back home on Friday. So hopefully then I'll be able to get some photos up of the nicely in place cage, and the new shiny black toys that will need fitting. Though I think I'll only be able to get the fronts done in time. Big issues with financing the project at the moment as my dad lost his job and I've been having to help him and my mum out with paying for their mortgage/bills etc, plus my mate that was going to be respraying the car has now gone into making carbon fibre parts for clio's, so his workshop is full of benches and bits where my car should be getting resprayed.. so I'll have to do that myself now when I get round to it. Not planning on a new colour, just to tidy it up mainly.  Anyway folks.. photos coming tomorrow possibly from when I go pay for the welding, and with any luck on Friday of the car being back in my possession

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