Thursday, 7 January 2010

Its been a while since I updated, kinda gave up on the car for a while after the top rad hose split on me and the new engine nearly overheated, also the brakes were still crappy and the rollcage's cross bars didn't seem to line up too well.

However, its a new year and I finally finished paying the loan off on the car so thought I should attempt to get it running before the 20 year anniversary. So on the list of things to get/do are:

New Rear Discs
Fit the new rear pads
New oil pressure gauge
New oil temperature gauge
New water temperature gauge
Get rollcage welded in place
Get brakes fixed
Get hubcentric spacers for the front wheels (+30mm widetrack)
Get wide arches
Fit battery in boot with the parts I have
Fit battery cut-off switch
Fit rollcage padding
Get bucket seats
Get harnesses (4 point minimum, maybe 5/6 point?!)

Finish running engine in!!

Get z32 maf
Get bigger injectors (700/800cc)
Get car remapped for new engine/cam/turbo setup

Then it should all be good

Sooo... From that list I have the gauge parts, and new rear discs. As the car is now in a heated garage I'm gonna have a crack at sorting that out this weekend. I've got a mate that can get the car flatbedded to someone to get the brakes & cage welded. Just a question of time/money I think... Can't wait to drive it again, only managed 297miles in it last year

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