Sunday, 4 January 2009

Didn't manage to get anything done this weekend, one problem after another. Trying to fix my mates 24v ford probe.. and still can't get it running. We're now wondering if its got a broken camshaft.. and his car is stuck at my house. So that'd be two white cars with broken engines at mine. That took up most of Saturday. Started fitting the pod for the boost gauge to the a pillar too, basically trimmed a pre-made one down... then no-more nail's-ed it to the a-pillar. Going to use a dremel to make a hole in the back of the pillar plastic for the cables to go through. The no-more nails has set now and is holding really well. Going to use P35(think its called that) body filler to smooth it in then spray the whole thing matt black. Will get some pictures up soon.

Gearbox didn't come off, cause we were busy most of Saturday with the probe =\

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