Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An update to say I've not forgotten about the project, I've been doing little bits and mostly pricing up the parts I'll need to get it road worthy again as well as trying to work out what parts I'll need. Currently the cost of parts is well over £7000, and considering what I've spent to get to this point I could have probably bought an early second hand R35 GTR for that sort of money.. still at least I've learnt a lot from doing this.

I've cut out the arches on the black shell partially, and slotted the inner arches ready for bending up once the rear arches are fixed in place. (I've got some photos that I'll update this post with asap)

I've also picked up a set of wheel dollys to move the shell around inside the garage so I can get down both sides of it without needing to roll the car out of the garage every time I need to work on the passenger side. Plus with winter coming it'll help me be able to do stuff on it while the weather is bad.

Think I've finally worked out what dashboard I need to use with the Megasquirt 3 via the CAN Bus, its the AIM MXL Strada Road Version however as its not the cheapest thing to invest in then I'll need to double check when buying the Megasquirt that it's definitely going to the work with the AIM MXL.

And in a final piece of news I'm starting my TIG welding course tonight, so by the end of January I should (hopefully) be competent enough to do any welding on the car that needs doing (or at least.. most of what I'll need.. but practice will make perfect)

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