Thursday, 2 May 2013

Well I got around to cutting a hole in the drivers floor pan of the white shell to see what I could take away to make space for a set of runners so that the pedals were adjustable (as I'm quite tall and James, who will no doubt want to drive the car at some point as he's helped me a lot with it, is considerably shorter than me). However, after an initial inspection, it appears that plan might be scuppered before it's even begun:

That right there is a small hole 4 inches or so in width by 3 (ish). And what you're looking at is the bolt hole in the centre of the photo under the bent metal. That's for the front lower suspension arm to bolt onto the shell with... so a pretty integral part of the whole front suspension set-up really. I was hoping that the angled piece in the foot well would just be a piece of metal there to give the standard pedals something to go-to. As you can tell, that's not the case. So I've placed the bride brix bucket seat in the black shell as far back as the roll cage will allow it to go, and placed the pedal box as far towards the bulkhead as I can physically get it, while my legs are bent using the pedals, it's comfortable enough I think for long track sessions / journeys. It's also close enough for James to be comfortable using it, generally a win-win. So I've bolted the pedal box into place and just had to do away with the idea of having it adjustable which I'm a bit gutted about because I was looking forward to working out the kinks with that idea.

And finally a quick shot of the old shell living in its new home at the side of the garage:

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