Thursday, 4 October 2012

Not got a great deal done today as I'm mainly waiting on parts, once they arrive I'll be able to tell what bushes need removing from the suspension, then I can get the ball joints & wheel bearings pressed out and I can then take everything to the powder coaters to get shot blasted & coated.

Still trying to work out what I'm doing with the rear end of the car, as far as the radiator & fuel cell set-up goes. Think I've decided on a 16 gallon Fuel cell from Jaz Products (Rally design do them relatively cheap), then a swirl pot with external fuel pumps etc.
It's a Pro Sport II tank, measures 26"x18"x9-1/2", so should fit in ok.. I think. Then mount the radiator up against the rear end, cut out the number plate recess on the fibreglass boot and have the radiator fans sucking air from the front of the radiator and it leaving through the recess that I'll mesh off. The numberplate will have to be fitted on the bumper with a light etc but that's no big deal as the whole wiring harness for the car is going to have to be custom made anyway to suit the ECU I'm going for (megasquirt II/III). The intake for the radiator will come from ducting on the two rear quarter panel lexan windows, I'll have to cut holes in them and create a funnel to direct air into the holes and down some pipework into the radiator box. My main concern at the moment is the flooring in the rear, as its obviously got a hump in there where the old standard fuel tank sits, that can be cut out I think to make it flat so the new fuel cell can sit in its place. To pass IVA regs I might have to fit a firewall between the passenger compartment and the fuel cell, which isn't a bad idea, but does mean more metal in there with another plastic window to see out of the back, plus it'll add more weight. I'll have to see what the rules say about that anyway.

Anyway... here are some photos of the now disassembled rear subframe (think of these as 'before' shots for when I get it cleaned up & powder coated) and some of the rear diff before I cleaned it up, and now after a bit of cleaning, though I'm thinking the whole thing might have to be shot blasted as its still filthy and my wire brush drill bit just can't get into the spaces it needs to, alternatively I'll just paint it in hammerite and hope its fine for the future..

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