Monday, 16 April 2012

Ok... latest update.

Both arches are fitted properly, doors are re-aligned as I cocked them up when swapping the hinges that had dropped. And front bumper has been tweaked a bit to make it fit properly.. and that's now on.

Next thing I need is a larger master cylinder for the porsche brakes.. still not sure what to get, eyeing up these on rally design:

if anyone knows which one would fit.. give me a shout please I'll be in your debt!

Also need to get that custom intercooler pipe made up, to be honest, a complete new pipe run itself might not be out of the question depending on cost.. Again I've got no idea about where to get that done, or how to get it done.. I'm guessing trailer the car somewhere and let them have it while it's made??

And some more pictures showing the arches fitted and the front bumper now on (still need to spray the arches white btw.. don't think I've forgotten about that!)

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