Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I've booked a week off work to get some bits done on the car so I might actually get it on the road this year. Got the bonnet to fit properly and made a start on the arches lining up properly. The part of the arch that attaches to the headlights was too thick, so I've had to take the part off the original arch and I'm going to have to attach it onto the widearch to make it fit properly.

 Also noticed that the accident repair that was done before is starting to look a bit sorry, so might need to sort that out soon.

And this is the pain in the ass turbo pipe that I need to get a custom one made up for, the DP motorsport manifold has moved the turbo so the pipe I had before wouldn't fit. Don't suppose any of these turbo -> intercooler pipes exist? I'm sure pulsarcraig had one on his car before.. as this is his turbo setup, just he'd sold it before I bought the setup from him.

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