Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I keep looking at the pulsar sat in the garage looking sorry for itself and think I need to fix it. Should hopefully have £1-1.5 to fix it up and get it roadworthy once the r32 is sold and I've put some money to one side for the r34's insurance.

Thought it'd make sense to get a list of things that are wrong / need doing..

*Clutch cylinder has gone (clutch dropped to floor)
*Drive shaft gaiters need replacing
Wide arch rears need fitting
Front need tweaking near the headlights to make them sit properly
Kit needs respraying
Rear wheels need spacing out
*Brakes are still buggered
Electrical problems with rad fan & abs bypass switches
*Not sure det sensor is plugged into right socket.. have consult software to check this now though
*Kind haven't run it in problem over a year.. so fuel is prolly knackered and im guessing it needs an oil change? (Thoughts on this one welcome.. infact thoughts on anything welcome lol)
*Need to make a sub frame for the drivers bucket seat

The ones marked with stars are stopping me driving/MOTing it, so the important ones really lol

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