Friday, 22 October 2010

Okies, completely bloody forgot to put info up on my newest toy

Its a 1992 GTS4 3 Door (That's the RB20DET 4wd model), I'm lead to believe they're quite rare.

I picked it up quite cheap as it's got a couple of bits wrong with it, but should be relatively easy to fix. There are also a few bits that aren't quite to my taste so i'll be sorting those out.

Some initial pics of the GTS4

It's running approx 270bhp at the moment, but i'm going to be taking some of the performance bits off to help with insurance mainly (Plus I figure closer to standard might help reliability in the long run).

Eventually I plan on putting either an RB25DET in or possibly the RB26DETT.

Current Mods:
- Apex Performance front mount intercooler.
- Stage 1 Turbosmart boostvalve.
- Blitz LM induction kit.
- RB25DET "ceramic" turbo
- Walbro 255 litre p/hour fuel pump.
- Driftworks remote coilpack.
- Inazuma volt stabilizer.
- GTR 444cc injectors.
- Rising Sun stage 1 ecu(Delimited).
- New Bosch lambda sensor.
- Japspeed 3" down pipe and decat with stainless steel exhaust system.
- HID light kit.
- NGK iridium spark plugs.
- 50 BHP Wizards of Nos wet nitrous kit with 11lbs bottle.
- GTR grill and bonnet lip.
- Tow hook
- Ganador style mirrors
- Unknown make of coilovers
- Circlar GTA 17" alloys made by Enkei.

Current problems:
- Paintwork is quite tatty on the passengers side
- Overfueling quite badly when on boost (can hear it popping and going to.. figure the ECU is setup for the nos/higher boost level)
- HICAS light is on
- Passenger door is incredibly stiff, think some oil/grease should sort that out
- Passenger wing has a bad scrape & a small dint on it
- Locks are buggered all round as none of them will open with the key.

- Remove the nitrous as I can't get insured for road use with it attached.. so probably no point having it on.
- 200sx s14a front black leather seats (afaik the rears from the 200sx wont fit.. but please correct me if im wrong!!)
- Swap back to a standard ECU & Injectors
- Remove boost controller system
- Fit some new gauges for boost & oil pressure
- Remove the Sunstrip as it gets in the way when driving
- Tidy the bodywork up
- Remove the hicas as the light would indicate its knackered
- Fit a Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust system to it (had one on a 200sx 14a years ago and loved the noise it made)
- Fit a HKS SSQV instead of current BOV as prefer the noise
- Fit standard wing mirrors as i'm not keen on the gandor ones
- Remove the bonnet lip
- Fit a GTR spoiler

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