Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fitted the new front studs today, and the 15mm of spacers on the front to bring them out so the caliper isn't catching any more. Clearance is good, went out for a potter to my mates house to help him with his mr2 and on the way back discovered what the knocking noise was. Literally down the road from my house my rear passenger wheel decided to overtake me.. Car is OK, rear bumper has been ripped off a bit, and I couldn't find one of the wheel nuts, but I could have lost that anywhere I guess. Let this be a lesson in double checking all the wheel nuts are fully done up!!! What worries me more though is that it passed its MOT like this as I've not touched it since then.  Oh and I'm at a car show next weekend so I've got to get it fixed before then

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