Saturday, 18 April 2009

Well, finished attaching plugs etc (I think). Filled it up with fluids, attached the freshly recharged battery... Turned the key. Nothing. It wont even crank, figure there's a plug I've missed or something. The ignition lights come on the dash, and when trying to crank the hotdog light clicks on then off when you stop. I assume its the starter motor that I've missed a plug on. How many connections are on it? I've done the fiddly spanner on job, but is there a spade connector plug or something that's meant to go onto it? Also the stupid det sensor plug managed unplug itself again, which is an incredible bitch to get on.

What are the two plugs that normally get mixed up when putting your engine in? I seem to remember reading about them somewhere.

I'll try cranking again tomorrow, could be the immobiliser I guess. Oh.. also the fuel pump fuse doesn't seem to stop it working ?? 15 amp fuse on the lower right of the fusebox, between the two 10amp fuses.

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