Saturday, 29 November 2008

Third Time Lucky... Well, that was the theory... Seemed it didn't work, but im sticking with this one.. As its all white and pretty

The Story
Bought the car in January of this year after missing driving a pulsar for so long, and pretty much off the bat found things wrong with it. The blatantly obvious thing that I missed was there wasn't a washer bottle fitted to it from when the previous owner fitted the front mounted inter cooler. I just thought it was empty.. but oh no, no bottle at all

Anyway, one of the breakers sorted me out with a new bottle, the motors for it and the P badge on the front  Also got a full interior off him, as the previous owner had fitted a Primera GT leather interior in. Well.. I say fitted, more like they threw it in and hoped for the best. I have no doubt the interior would fit, you'd have to use the original runners from the pulsar seats and re-weld them to the primera seats, but its too much hassle. Besides, the interior was for a 5 door (no quick release for the seats forward to let passengers in the rear!!) and after my s14a I'm not too keen on leather interiors (too cold in the winter.. and too sticky in the summer ). The front seats were only attached by the outer brackets so the seats tipped when you went round corners too rapidly.. Not good. So that came out, and in went the original interior. I still have the leather interior in case anyone is interested in fitting it to their car.

Next thing that was wrong was the previous owner had fitted those stupid rally headlight bulbs in, which melted the plugs on the back of them as they were completely the wrong wattage for the car, and caused the electrics to keep shorting out. So i replaced those and both plugs, problem solved.

I had a mystery case of automatic windscreen wipers when it was raining.. turned out it was from the plugs from the washer bottles motors shorting out in the rain and causing the wipers to activate. This was solved by fitting the washer bottle in the boot, and extending the cables there (along with heat-shrinking around the cables in the front arch to waterproof them).

Front drivers side wheel was so badly out of alignment (I can only assume from the alloys by driving repeatedly into a kerb.. ) So it was practically bald on the inside, got all four wheels re-aligned and some shiny new Pirelli P-Zero Neros fitted.

Now came the most expensive of the problems, it was over-fueling massively and was down on power a few minutes after starting the car from cold. It boosted fine when it was cold, but when the engine got warm it seemed to create boost but do absolutely nothing with it.. Much like a chav'd corsa, it made a load of noise and went no-where. After replacing the DET sensor, temperature sensor, coolant sensor, MAF, ECU and getting no-where fast. I did a compression test, and cylinders 3 & 4 were about 10psi lower than 1&2.. 1&2 were about on the lower limit of what's normal too.

My best guess is that the piston rings and/or head gasket are fried... *sigh*

Nothing for it but to rebuild it bigger, better and stronger. So I've been ordering parts since the car ran out of MOT & Tax (Declared off the road end of July). Ready to do a forged engine rebuild.

Initially I'm not looking for silly power, as I've only got standard brakes on it  300ish will be fine, but once I have the money for some stoppers I'll probably get a GT3071R/GT3076R, some bigger injectors and a z32 MAF and aim for the 400's.

Thinking of powder-coating the rocker cover white.. if money allows.

A few exterior shots:

Some of the parts for the rebuild:

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